Color is a very important part in any setting and is an inseparable part of our everyday lives. It is in everything we see and do, effecting our emotions, efficiency, and connectivity. The use of color matters greatly in making correct decisions in design.


The use of color activates powerful psychological emotions that effect perception and evoke moods and feelings. A well-executed color palette will enhance the design of the entire area. It is necessary to find the right balance. Even something subtle like changing the hue or saturation of a color will evoke a different feeling. Certain colors also have been proven to support the learning process by reducing eyestrain and fatigue.


Effects of color can be split into two general classes, warm and cool. Warm colors generally identified as red, yellow and orange, commonly triggers happy and excited emotions, whereas Cool colors generally identified asgreen, blue and purple, commonly trigger calmness. Color can also effect the impression of size and shape of a space. Certain colors will make a small room feel larger, and conversely a big open space feel more closed. This can be very helpful when there are constraints as to physical construction. You can make a space feel cozy simply by painting the walls with a warm color, or make a tight space feel wider by using different colors on different walls. The wall colors chosen, combined with the colors of the furniture and furnishings, provide the feel for the space. KAZ uses color to convey a room’s purpose and attitude.

At KAZ we go beyond the trends to an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how colors effect the use of space. We have long term experience based on our 63 years of using color in our designs. Understanding the use of color allows us to look further into the design and actualize colors’ ability to enhance a spaces’ look and feel.