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The Klingberg project was approx. 5,000 sq. foot total renovation featuring multiple professional spaces. We brought our clients vision to life with an innovative design strategy. Two large conference spaces were renovated to not only serve the purpose of large meetings but also as a collaborative learning space. Every detail in each space is accounted for including custom built charging stations designed to match the finishes. Our team also provided Klingberg with custom signage and canopies. The break room incorporated creative lighting and a half kitchen buildout. Our design team had the goal of captivating a sense of family and warmth as you walk into the facility.  The president said it was a beautiful design job which was beyond their expectations.

Archbishop Williams High School, Braintree, MA

This 5,000 sq. foot renovation project featured a large scope of work. The mission of this project was to bring our clients vision of a Division 1 dining room to life but keeping in mind the family and friendly environment of AWHS. Through design consultations and interior planning The Kaz Co. provided AWHS with ceilings, flooring, creative lighting, seating, tables, wall covering, custom-made planters and more. The last time this space had been updated was 45 years ago, our team upgraded this space with contemporary style. We kept in mind the versatility this project would bring to Archbishop Williams High School’s café. This space purposed as a dining hall for over 240 students but also became an area dedicated to bringing students and staff together. Our client loved our completed designs and finishes.

Jerome Home Shower Room Renovation, New Britain, CT

The mission for this shower renovation was to elevate this space to a 5 star spa area. Our vision was to bring contemporary style to this shower room and provide Jerome home with the necessary components for their best patient experience. This project featured a total renovation and design by our team. Floors, walls and ceilings were all demoed as we also eliminated closets and increased the height of the ceiling. Our team built out two more showers and provided new plumbing and drain systems. We installed a limestone wall with creative lighting and the addition of a music and speaker system.

The Taft School, Watertown, CT


This total renovation of the Taft auditorium consisted of new seating, flooring and motorized window treatments, railings and design. Kaz provided 595 chairs for the auditorium.  Our firm reconfigured the existing seating to increase the capacity within the same foot print by 8%.  We also provided custom brass railings for the balcony. The School was very satisfied with the results and called it a “beautiful job”.

South Kent School, South Kent, CT

The Math & Science Bldg. required a face lift in the common areas on both floors including the stairs. We addressed the acoustics, lighting, ceilings, flooring, classroom furniture and graphics in the common areas.  The Headmaster said he “Loved it”. This is the second academic building on campus that KAZ has renovated.

Salisbury School Bookstore, Salisbury, CT

The school wanted our firm to design a space to resemble a pro shop with cherry slot walls, new ceiling, flooring, furniture, graphics, store front glass and door. The old space was completely demolished and new walls built.   A custom check out desk was designed and manufactured in a new location.  The school said the job was beyond their expectations.  Work was completed on time.

Salisbury School Library & Global Classroom, Salisbury, CT

KAZ provided furniture, motorized shades and acoustics in the library. As another part of the project, we provided mobile tables, motorized shades and acoustics in the global classroom used by 14 students, which added improved function and design.

Forman School Dormitory, Litchfield, CT

This dormitory renovation project featured an upgrade to individual rooms and lounge spaces.

Hyde School Classroom Renovations, Bath, ME

KAZ provided design, acoustics, furniture and flooring.